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Our customized Market Scanner, trading courses and weekly video picks can make you anywhere from $100 a day to over $1000 wherever you take your laptop!

Benefit from 18 years of trading and investing experience

Over 100 Custom Trading Strategies And Indicators

Over the past decade, we have worked relentlessly to build tools and systems that consistently alert us to the most profitable trades. We have extensively developed over 100 market indicators and trading strategies that remove the guessing game that some traders employ. As a result, our clients can deal with confidence and make consistent profits.

$20k Average Monthly Profits

We average $20k in monthly profits. What’s more, that figure is growing, especially during the recent boom in cannabis stocks. However, we aren’t resting on our laurels. We’ll continue to use our trading strategies and indicators to increase those profits even further for the benefit of our clients.

How SimpleTRADES Works

Use our Market Scanner tool to find the current most profitable trades.

Use the methods taught on our course and in our educational videos to learn chart-reading techniques that produce upwards of 80% profitable trades.

Execute the trade and use our entry and exit software to buy and sell at the perfect times for consistent profits.

SimpleTRADES benefits both new investors and those struggling with trading consistency.

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